2 Days Overnight Camp


The 2-Day-one-Night Equestrian Camp is an in-depth experience with self-improving equestrian course tailored for intermediate riders with a horseback riding foundation.

Course includes identify horse breeds, colours and riding equipment; understanding basic anatomy and nutrition; and learning equestrian theory and riding lessons. Complete personal logbook, dressage test and show-jumping course.

A group of up to 12 participants. The aim of the program is to improve riding skills; Enrich horse related knowledge; exercise team spirit and enhance independent social skills.

The entire journey is carried out by an equestrian instructor, including camping overnight, to ensure the organization and safety of the course

  • The horseman ship skills are in line with Pony Club Australia Certificate Program.
  • The camp is also opened to riders who have their own horse.

Full Day Program For 2 Days

We provide:

  • Horse and riding gear
  • 2 day 9am-5pm program and logbook
  • Shared tent - Meals and afternoon tea
  • 24 hours experienced coach full care

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping wear
  • Toiletries
  • Horse riding clothes

Booking Information

Please contact

03 9776 3184 info@jolongpark.com.au
128 Riverend Rd
Bangholme VIC 3175

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